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Olympus Body Cap Lens 15mm F8 review samples:
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Pinhole Art Filter (Type III)
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Olympus Body Cap Lens 15mm F8 review samples
Olympus Body Cap Lens 15mm F8 review samples
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Uploaded: Jul 10, 2013 (UTC)
Focal length: -
Shutter speed: 1/160 sec
Aperture: -
ISO: 200
Exposure comp.: -


SW Anderson

Andy Westlake has used this lens of limited specifications to about as good an effect as is humanly possible in these images, in my opinion. The subjects are remarkably appropriate, the lighting well suited, the compositions terrific.

A long time ago, a writer on photography asked if it was possible to take a lousy photograph of Marilyn Monroe. The point being that Monroe's incredible eye appeal and near universal recognition would make any technical or composition deficit inconsequential. A really good subject recorded with talent and skill can similarly make such things as softness and vignetting at the edges, and chromatic aberration, either largely beside the point or, in some cases, artistic assets. I think that's what Westlake has done here.

Bottom line: these images made with this lens should be a bit humbling for purists who reject as worthless junk any lens that falls short of the highest performance standards.