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Canon EOS-M preview samples
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Uploaded: Nov 6, 2012 (UTC)
Focal length: 22 mm
Shutter speed: 1/40 sec
Aperture: F2
ISO: 2000
Exposure comp.: -2.33


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Why is the Exposure comp -2.33 in a low light situation? Can someone explain this to me. Is there a reason you would set it so low in low light?

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I was wondering the same thing. I blame the photographer since the composition is awful, too. Astonishingly lame collection of pics.

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During the music performance in case of the color light illumination you have take into consideration couple of factors. Temperature of light, the illumination around lamps, ambient light.

Blue light source would be read around -2 f lower then real illumination level, if camera would not be set to under exposed you would lose a lot of detail in the image, due to overblowing blue channel. The ambient light levels have to be taken into consideration as well. I would however move to the right side, to position the red light behind the head of the lead guitarist to create interesting halo effect and underexpose by 1 1/2 F

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Look at the next image BTW, he overblown the hand


Going for 0EV would've entailed unnatural light-of-day brightness, horrible clipping (the blue channel is ALREADY clipping heavy, even at -2.33EV) and at least ISO 4000 (aperture and shutter speed are already maxed out).

The choice of EV compensation seems sensible to me; and I think it would seem so to any photographer who's tried a similar subject: aim for the highlights (i.e. the brightly lit performers on stage).

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Shooting bands on stage is really not the easiest job to do, because the subjects move a lot and because of the bright colored lights in low light.

Oh BTW, these 3 shots are even worse than what i have shot, :P and i thought i was a bad photographer, but yes, you have to pull down the Exposure comp.
Here's a good example from me -1 and still blown

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Have you ever made concert assignment?
Otherwise I don't understand your remarks.
Light in concerts and/or theaters nowadays had changed a lot.
They are VERY weak in terms of light values and do ( let me use this comparison ) "explode" in terms of color channels.
Blue and red are ABSOLUTELLY AWFUL.
I'm a pro,every day eight hours job.
Sometimes becomes really difficult to reach a proper balance in this conditions without loosing details in those colors or having a spectral noise and chromatic aberration.
I also discover that you may not be aware of one important detail : shooting concerts is not so easy nowadays,
If the organizer do not allow you to move along you must work from the established point, which is normally a real s...t.
There is always people that pay for attending events and they deserve to be there at their ease.
BTW. I don't know if it's me and because it's late and i'm tired or there is a harsh banding issue in this picture.

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