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Leica M-Monochrom Preview Samples:
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Leica M-Monochrom Preview Samples
Leica M-Monochrom Preview Samples
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Uploaded: May 10, 2012 (UTC)
Focal length: 35 mm
Shutter speed: 1/1500 sec
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ISO: 1600
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James A Rinner

I look at these photos and they remind me of amateur snapshots. Here we have an $8000.00 camera body in the hands of point and shooters with no thought of composition or exposure. The power of the black and white image is lost here.

Alfred Eisenstaedt, if he were alive, would do wonders with this camera. He would start with composition and exposure and then post process it to perfection. Wasn't it Ansel Adams who said something along the line of "the negative is the composer's score while the image is the performance"?

"The ‘machine-gun’ approach to photography – by which many negatives are made with the hope that one will be good – is fatal to serious results."
- Ansel Adams


It's so funny to read comments from people who obvioously never worked with Leica M, nor looked at the printed results carafully. Any, just ANY comparison with Nikon or Canon glass is rather rediculous though. Those who know the Leica M-system and learned to work with it. know that it changes your way of looking and taking pictures. That's something that no DSLR ever can.

Eric Sorensen

I'm sorry, but my 5DmkII with a prime lens is at least as sharp and has less noise. And I can shoot in color AND autofocus. If money wasn't an issue, this little camera might be fun - but the images it produces don't justify the price - and don't by a long shot. If this thing was $800, it might be fun.

Michele Kappa

If this "thing" was 800$, it would be plastic, made in China, and would be nowhere near to the quality of this photograph.

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D Gold

Any of the $~700 DSLRs produce superior images, are made of plastic, (on the exterior), and have access to superior lenses by their manufacturers. By the time a photographer spent half what the body cost for this toy, they would be shooting pro quality images from 10 to 400mm.


It isn't about money, it's about joy.

Astrophotographer 10

I agree. These images whilst sharp are not as sharp as by my D800E.


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who would not want to have full control over the BW conversion?? Once recorded in BW, there's no way to tweek the image into one with contrast in the right places ... I think these images completely lack the punch and depth a good BW should have. This camera makes absolutely no sense to me, no matter what the price is.


This camera, despite having a regal heritage, is a toy and a way-too-expensive toy, at that. Part of creating a black-and-white photograph, for me, is the interpretation of color into value. In the old days, we had different films that helped with that, along with the use of colored filters. Now we have Photoshop, Lightroom, and Aperture to manipulate the colors in a b/w interpretation. I'm not one to have those decisions made for me, least of all by a roomful of engineers in Germany or Japan (or wherever). The sharpness, as several have alluded to, is much less than I would have thought for a Leica. I once had a Leica IIIf with a Summicron lens that would cut nails and tomatoes better than a Ginsu knife. Not this one. I've seen Sigmas sharper than what I see here in the sample images. That's not to disparage Sigmas because I've seen some sharp Sigmas. But Leicas have always been a cut above even the top mainstream lenses. That's not true here.


To the detractors in this thread, has it occured to you that the lack of sharpness may be due to the photographer, not the lens or the MM? I have used Zeiss, Canon and Leica. If anyone here on this thread would even suggest that Canon or Zeiss has the bokeh of a Leica, you either haven't used a Leica lens, not looking closely enough or just denying for argument's sake. (And in fairness, I have never found Leica able to match Zeiss' resolution or micro-contrast.) There's also the joy of the Leica camera ergonomics and the tactility of using a tool that feels mechanical and solid. For many, photography is as much about enjoying the process as enjoying the output. If you love your Canon or Nikon, good for you. No need to knock something you can't afford, unwilling to buy or don't understand/appreciate....

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It's funny: you rarely ever hear Leica users bothering to compare with, much less put down Nikon/Canon users, but many in the latter group just seem to have the tendency (and time!) to disparage Leica and their users. To each his own, so grow up, PLEASE.

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