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Nikon D3200 Preview Samples:
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Shot at 'Hi1' (ISO 12,800)
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Nikon D3200 Preview Samples
Nikon D3200 Preview Samples
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Captured: -
Uploaded: Apr 24, 2012 (UTC)
Focal length: 38 mm
Shutter speed: 1/80 sec
Aperture: F6.3
ISO: 12800
Exposure comp.: -


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I ordered a D3200, but then I cancelled my order. I kept going back to the IQ comparisons in the preview. What I saw convinced me that if this sensor is in fact the same sensor as the NEX-7, then Nikon is not handling noise as effectively as Sony in comparison to the D3200. I think both the D3100 and D5100 have a wider range of clean, useable ISO's. I also observed that the Canon T3i produced cleaner, sharper crops in comparison to the Nikons. It's not fair to compare the D3200 to the D800, but I did, and wow! The D800 is awesome! I'm no technical expert. These are just my candid comparisons using the dpreview ISO widget in the D3200 preview. Incidentally, I was going to buy a Canon PowerShot S100, but that thing produces what can only be described as murky smudges above ISO 400, evidently. It really could use Canon's HS technology.

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Looks terrible. This is why people would rather go with a 4/3rds than a D3xxx class. I think it's hilarious and have actually sometimes laugh out loud when I go to Disney World, and I see people with D3xxx cameras and the generic strap around their necks. It's a point and shoot with a big lens, but it cannot compensate for a crappy sensor. I would give this a do not buy rating. A D5000 will perform better and costs less at this point. A 4/3rds camera will perform as good or better, and is much smaller.

Dimitri Khoz

Dynamic and tonal range is very very limited,
half of ISO 12800 shots lack details even at 1.6MP resolution (1600X1200);
not usable for anything exept web posts and probably 6X4 prints.
Looks like cameraphone quality.

I'd rather see more examples of ISO 3200 - ISO 6400.

I am sure D3200 will be a very good camera,
but if I had it, I wouldn't take pictures at ISO 12800 at all.

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Impressive .... and it was a great Concert to boot! Always funny to see events you were at in the review section


Bitch about this quality for under $600.00, are you nuts?

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Yes. Excellent....for a thumbnail. Seriously, cant figure what people are raving about.


Not bad at all for ISO 12,800

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I am not a pro, but for what you are spending and getting this looks pretty good to me - the fact of a 3.5>f-stop 80's - the VR locking things in pretty tight is good.

In RAW I image even more could be done. I have taken many concert shots with "cheaper" cameras and this looks pretty good - not a pro result for sure, but what pro shoots at with a f/3.5-5.6 zoom at a concert? (I would prefer a more sensitive lower rez chip too...)

Abbas Rafey

I am a canon shooter and shoot nikon too, the performance is excellent for entry level dslr
For me that I come from film these are pro for me since I use every thing manual in the cam, so I don't need high processing by pro body's.

Kartika Sari

entry level camera with this high iso capability, come on!
if you are not happy with this, get D4

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Martin Gowar

I just downloaded the file & gave it a quick going over in Topaz DeNoise 5. It looks pretty damn good to my eyes at least, certainly usable for the web if nothing else - especially for an entry level DSLR and a kit lens !!


Damn...this camera does not belong at 12,800. This image is just simply falling apart and beyond usable. Just goes to show you that fast glass always trumps high ISO.


Nonsense. Not usable for what? Vogue? Of course not. For recording things that people who would buy this camera wouldn't have been able to record before? Absolutely.

12,800 looks quite like 1600 on my 350D. Three stops in five years on entry level DSLRs seems like quite good progress to me...

George Veltchev

disappointing ...I would say at that sensitivity !Even the small thumbnail reveals plenty of noise! The 24 mp Nikon ...pardon ....Sony, sensor obviously struggles here ...lets rather go for the more modest G1 X for this kind of images ...

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You are being sarcastic right? I really hope so.

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Cool! She sports a beard!


I'm almost convince with the camera, until @humblebug have a very keen eye, pointing out the beard of the lady. Now that disappoints me so much. I know that is ISO-12800, but what else this 12,800 can make to other dark scenes?
Well if this piece of camera sells at $399, it is no brainer I will buy it.
BTW, I'm an avid user of Nikon equipment. Just got D800 actually, but I've been in the market for low end DSLR for a daily carry use. When I sold my D3000, I have to use my D90 as a daily carry use. Its quite heavy so am still looking for one.
Before the D3200 came in, I have D5100 in my list.


I swear Nikon has discovered some alien technology!


Yes, it's from planet Sony! ;)

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you wish. Nikon has a planet of its own. lol lol lol

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