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Nikon D800 Preview Samples:
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Nikon D800 Preview Samples
Nikon D800 Preview Samples
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Captured: Mar 17, 2012
Uploaded: Mar 22, 2012 (UTC)
Focal length: 70 mm
Shutter speed: 1/80 sec
Aperture: F4
ISO: 6400
Exposure comp.: ±0.00


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Lionel Lam

I didn't think think the ISO was that bad. In fact, it seems that at ISO6400, the images are still very usable. Despite my D7000's so-called 'high ISO' performance, I seldom find it necessary to shoot above ISO 2000. So in the case of the picture above, you could use a stabilized lens and handhold at 1/40 seconds, using ISO 3200 instead. I suppose it is not the way to 'freeze' action, but I would choose the D800's dynamic range over a lot of other things. Canon did a good job this time round, but is it the highlights having a tendency to blow out or is it just me?


Interesting. TERRIBLE ISO at 6400. Looks like the D5000. Blown out magenta again. Just like in the shots taken by another popular site run by a guy with an afro. I won't advertise which site. At it's highest native iso, it should look way better than this if Nikon ever wants wedding or concert photographers to take this camera seriously. They market towards staged wedding photos of models in controlled lighting conditions, like those taken by Cliff Mautner, but the average wedding photographer, like me, does not get to pick and choose the lighting. We use ISO to control our other settings.

Nikon would do well to create a dial option for ISO priority (I know you can control it in the settings but). Then come out with a new camera that has the D4 sensor, but with the D800 feature set to keep costs down.


Looks more like the D700 at 6400 which is easily fixed in PP. I think you are giving the D5000 too much credit. As for the magenta, no idea what that is. Only photo I have seen like this.

Barney Britton

It was taken under red neon light - which might explain the magenta colour of the reflections on the record....

Total comments: 4