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Canon PowerShot G1 X Preview Samples:
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Canon PowerShot G1 X Preview Samples
Canon PowerShot G1 X Preview Samples
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Uploaded: Jan 16, 2012 (UTC)
Focal length: 60.4 mm
Shutter speed: 1/100 sec
Aperture: F5.8
ISO: 1600
Exposure comp.: ±0.00


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Patrick Schneider

Wow, the noise free clarity @ISO1600 is amazing. I wound not hesitate to use ISO1600 any time. A little drawback is its slow Lens end: f5.8. The background is still pretty “sharp”. With an f4 it would have a little more background blur.
Well, you have to make compromises.
It is a great new compact Camera! It’s on my wish list!

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George Veltchev

Can you believe it ! Wow the performance of this little wonder can be even compared with the very best DSLR's at ISO1600 ! Amazing noise free clarity ...

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At ISO 1600 and F5.8, sharpness and depth of field are great.

WHY do we need VIDEO in compacts ?
"Burst" is useful in so many app's but has always been too slow. I need "burst" at say 10 fps, no video, electronic clip on articulated viewfinder (Olympus P2 got it right) AND an articulated screen as Canon G2.
Size and LENS PROTUSION make this G1X "compact" less compact and more nuisance, however it will probably fit in my reverse "bum bag" where I carry my current Canon G9.

My Olympus P2 has an even longer lens protrusion which excludes it from "compact" but has interchangeable lenses so I can use my Leica zoom from my Panasonic DSLR, with electronic coupling via an adaptor ring. But the P2 has NO onboard flash for those summer shady places, big mistake.

WHEN will somebody listen to users and combine the proven / popular features into one unit ?

I will swop my G9 for a G1X instead of a G12.
Thanks DP Review for early notification I will get my order onto a supplier doormat a.s.a.p.


WOW. Stunning Iso for the little cam.

Better than a 7d at Iso 800. Im serious.

Total comments: 4