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Sigma SD1 Preview Samples:
sample-03 (from raw)
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sample-03 (from raw)
Image is from an original raw file, adjusted 'to taste' in Sigma Photo Pro 5.0 and Adobe CameraRaw. Image adjustments in Sigma Photo Pro 5.0 include, but are not limited to, basic exposure changes, sharpening tweaks, and some noise-reduction. Files saved as 16-bit TIFF and opened in Adobe CameraRaw for additional adjustment (primarily CA reduction where applicable) and output as JPEG, quality level 12.
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Sigma SD1 Preview Samples
Sigma SD1 Preview Samples
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Sigma SD1
Available sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Original (4704×3136, 8.4MB)
Captured: -
Uploaded: Sep 6, 2011 (UTC)
Focal length: 25 mm
Shutter speed: 1/250 sec
Aperture: F8
ISO: 100
Exposure comp.: -


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16-bit TIFF file can only be opened in phptoshop interface I ask how in Adobe CameraRaw open 16-bit TIFF file??thank!

Ashley Pomeroy

Bottom-left corner of the front-left window. I win! Assuming we're playing "Hunt the Old Woman".


Until you have tried a Sigma camera you cannot really cooment on just looking at the review samples here. I had the good fortune to win a SD15 in a national photgraphic magazine competition. Until that time I had never considered buying a Sigma camera but now I have had the camera a few months I am totally in love with the camera.
I have sold all my Canon gear and have stopped using Lightroom. I have the SD15 with the 18-50mmm and a 70-300mm and use the recently updated Sigma RAW software and I am enjoying my photography more than I have done for years, I can't wait to get out and take pictures and get home and "process" them.
The camera is so simple to use, no complicated menus, no special modes, no video, just PAS&M and decide on the focussing and take pictures.
Also having sold my Canon stuff I am a few thousand pounds richer and really enjoying taking pictures again.
Don't knock it till you have tried it ! there is something special about the Foveon senserand I won't be going back!

Total comments: 3