One fairly minor reservation

Started Aug 18, 2013 | User reviews
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Todd E
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One fairly minor reservation
Aug 18, 2013

Of all the camera's attributes, the one that caught my attention was that it has an actual viewfinder, in addition to the LCD screen. Now, I don't have to worry about glare when there's a lot of ambient light, nor disturbing people around me when I shoot without flash in clubs and other relatively dark situations. All the settings are visible in the viewfinder, as they are on the LCD screen.

What's wrong with the X-5 (which I recommend anyway, especially at the price)? While the camera seems generally well-made, its pop-up flash and the door that covers the battery-SD compartment are both made of rather cheap-feeling plastic. While I haven't had any problems (in a couple months' sporadic use), I feel that I have to be a little more careful about opening and closing them than I really should.

I was also considering buying a DSLR; now, for my purposes, I think that I'd be better off spending the extra money buying batteries (AA; four at a time) for the X-5

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