HP Photosmart C20 review

Started Jan 22, 2002 | User reviews
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HP Photosmart C20 review
Jan 22, 2002

I've owned camera 3+ years. Very durable, reliable and easy to use. It has taken a beating and has continued to function despite dropping on concrete twice. A few broken pieces, but it still works well. Long shutter speed allows low light pictures without flash, which is sometimes necessary.

No software problems encountered on Win 98 or Me. Comes with paper saver software which fits various size pictures on the same page to use paper most efficiently.

Video out is handy with slideshow capabilities. User presets picture intervals.

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Resolution is par for a 1 megapixel camera. Color on the camera is poor and really cannot capture good skin tones. Flash is too powerful and really washes out subject. Better to shut off flash whenever possible.

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