Sony Mavica FD-71 review

Started Apr 8, 2002 | User reviews
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Sony Mavica FD-71 review
Apr 8, 2002

I have used this camera every day for about 3 years now. I am a real estate appraiser in Minnesota. I have found this camera to be very easy to use, I usually borrow it at family gatherings and let the kids us it. For appraisal work it has been very dependable. For my work the Wide angle adapter is a must.


Disks tend to give errors after about a month of continous use. The batteries will indicate that they are dead low prematurely after a year, I found that I can continue to shoot long after the camera indcates it needs a charge. The LCD screen can be very difficult to see certain light conditions, because of this and scratched lenses focusing has been diffucult at times.

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