Minolta DiMAGE 2300 review

Started Apr 28, 2002 | User reviews
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Minolta DiMAGE 2300 review
Apr 28, 2002

This is an okay starter camera. I have found that it does take quality photos outdoors on a sunny day, but as for indoor photos, it's not that good unless you're near a window and get a lot of sun. When using the flash, all my photos tend to have a yellowish appearance, and without the flash, I get either a grainy or a blurred photo. It's pretty easy to figure it out if you don't read the directions, but the battery life is terrible, also I had problems uploading photos to a Windows ME machine. When I upload to Win98, I have to go into Device Manager and remove the camera and reload the drivers before I can get it to work, which wastes time. It won't work at all on some machines, the operating system just won't recognize that the camera was attatched to the computer by USB. Contacting Minolta was of no help, all they said was that it was compatible with the OS.


Bad photos indoors, terrible battery life. Problems uploading photos to some operating systems.

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