Epson PhotoPC 700 review

Started Jun 23, 2002 | User reviews
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Allan Noe (DK)
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Epson PhotoPC 700 review
Jun 23, 2002

I bought this camera in 1998 after hours of studying different tests on the internet looking for cameras under 4000 danish kroner (<520 $). I got it home and I was not in any way disappointed. Image quality is the best I've ever seen - even compared to other digital cameras with 2+ megapixel. I did buy an USB-cardreader & 128 Mb compactflash + some extra rechargeables. Excellent bundle of accesories included - even the very nice recharger for the also included 1450 mAh. Great camera...


A bit fast use of batteries (no problem if you have an extra set)

It fell down from an piano (about 1.5 metres) and it survived although switching between taking pics and viewing the pics etc. didn't work.. No visual damage at all so I opened the camera and I was able to fix it myself. (the succes made me love the camera even more!

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