Sony Mavica FD-90 review

Started Sep 5, 2002 | User reviews
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Sony Mavica FD-90 review
Sep 5, 2002


we have been using this camera for over more then a year now, and shot over 10,000 pictures with it.
it's not high in resolution, but the picture-quality isn't all that bad. we make pictures on outdoor locations, for a kind of fetish-fashion style.
we are somehow pleased with it, but are looking for something more because the camera has its limits. for indoor shots we find it awfull, can't seem to get the flash working well. sometimes we find it hard to get the rigt white balance setting in full sunshine.
for some examples of the results of our 'work' go to my own website :


it's a pain in the ass downloading the pictures, really takes a lot of time. ( 30 seconds a floppy = 5 pictures ) now you know how much time we have spent getting all those pictures on pc ;-))
whitebalance not always accurate.
indoor shots very poor.

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