Fujifilm DS-260HD review

Started Oct 14, 2002 | User reviews
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Fujifilm DS-260HD review
Oct 14, 2002

I have bougth this camera in USA ( i'm french boy) since 6 month. It works very well. I bougth this camera because it have a 'rock case' and the zoom doesn't go out the case : before i had a 4700 Zoom and the zoom was boken when i bougth it and FUJI didn't want to ear about this problem ( AARRRRHHHHHH!!!!), 3 mouths after FUJI didn't want to return me my camera without a invoice of cost of the estimate, i now i put FUJI in front of the french justice....I'm very very very dispapointed by the SERVICE REPAIR of FUJI FRANCE: they are very vey very BAD and i'm not alone to say that.
Return now to the DS 260 HD : this is a good 1.2 M of pixel camera a little expensive but good picture and unique water proofhard case. Just a litlle bad point: you need to have fingers of fairy of to extract the memory card.
Have fun with this camera around the beach and the swimming pool...


I use 64 MB memory and when i use a card reader some times the picture are no complet( only a part of the picture are view on the screen). If i read the same card by the camera there is no problem ( only the time to transfert....) I don't know what could be happen.
As this i have no prblem at this date with this camera.

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