Olympus D-500L review

Started Oct 21, 2002 | User reviews
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Ronald D. Scott
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Olympus D-500L review
Oct 21, 2002

I've owned this for a year. By today's standards, this camera is obsolete (sells today for about $100) but certainly not without it's usefulness! This "see through the lens" camera is great for what I use it for.. a web page camera. It is also good for a trainer if you want to get experience with your 1st digital. My wife and children use it. I can't say enought praise for the camera. It has been durable and the 3X optical zoom is handy. I rated "features" as a 3 because todays cameras are more sophisticated not because I felt the original design was deficient. This camera has a good sensor speed (ISO 180) and a good zoom range. The 5X7 prints are acceptable but I wouldn't choose an 8X10 print size. NiMH battery life is good. Alkaline batteries are inadequate for this camera. Finally, the camera configuration methods take some getting used to. There is a learning curve to it. I'd buy it again if I were just getting into web work again. I still use the camera even though I have purchased a more sophisticated digicam. I needed more pixels and more zoom.


My only disappointment come for two reasons:

1) low light shots are difficult to focus
2) the time between shutter button release and the actual taking of the picture is to long

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