Olympus C-21 review

Started Mar 11, 2003 | User reviews
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Olympus C-21 review
Mar 11, 2003

I use this one as a pint and shoot to get the idea for a proffesional picture...

It lacks of zoom, but I did a test with the 220 zoom and still the 21 has a better autofocus and macro and more quality pictures so still not beaten in his class (2.0/2.1 megapixels).
The battery's are no problem, use a GP Powerbank with at least the 1800 MHA battery and you survive easy 4 times a 64 mb memcard full pictures. But don't use the display that much!!!

I can only say I want to change the camera for a zoom one but still can't find a small quality strong and light super AF camera that can beat this one...

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WATCHOUT if you change the battery's it can change the image settings to low 800X600, it looses the settings.

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