HP Photosmart C215 review

Started May 1, 2003 | User reviews
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HP Photosmart C215 review
May 1, 2003

Well, if you don't pay a big amont of money for a digital camera, don't expect superior quality! That's the case with HP 215.
This camera is big and heavy (especially when you put 4 batteries in it).I'm afraid you've read it millions of times, but this camera is real battery killer.I use rechargeable ones instead and it works fine.The menu is extremely easy to navigate and 10 sec. timer and Macro mode are really good features. Optical viewfinder is not worth to trust, especially in short distances. I always use LCD. Image quality is often grainy and the light balance is bad. 4 MB Compact Flash card is real absurd, you can store just 7 high resolution images.


1. Battery life (you can use rechargeables)
2. Paralax effect when using optical viewfinder

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