HP Photosmart 720 review

Started May 16, 2003 | User reviews
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Linas V
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HP Photosmart 720 review
May 16, 2003


1. Easy to use meniu, but not the camera:
- a viewfinder has an offset (is difficult to frame the picture especially using zoom). Pictures can be croped in PC but resolution is losing.
- exposure settings resets when the camera is turnning off (i hate it). I want for exemple that the ISO always will be 100 for the lowest CCD noise. And I must set it every time when camera is turned on.
2. Pictures are not bad.


1. An exposure programm is NOT WORKING in Flash On mode. Shutter speed in all situations is 1/700 s (nonsence) it not various. Thats why the pictures are terrible (underexposed) in this mode.
Flash On mode is unusible I think. (In Flash Auto and Flash anti red Eye exposure programm is working good, shutter speed various in different situations, pictures are not bad. But very difficult to force to fire flash in Auto mode in front of window for exemple or other highlight). I think it is an error in the firmware and I hope HP will correct it.
2. Manual focus.
3. TFT/LCD cannot be turned off when camera connected to the PC. It not shows any important information it only stealing batteries.
4. Focusing in low light.
5. Shutter priority.
6. Aperture priority.
7. No control over contrast. Too high contrast.
8. Colours are little poor, usually with blue cast (but very balanceble).
9. Very poor software.

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