Olympus D-395 (C-160) review

Started May 1, 2004 | User reviews
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Olympus D-395 (C-160) review
May 1, 2004

This little gem is great for grab shots and a camera to always have with you. I like the fixed lens. No lens zooming noise and waiting. make you move around more and be creative. Lots of features for the money. Anybody want a nice back-up camera or candid shooter should try this. If you want a camera to do everything and more you better look for £350 + models. This cost me £120. Very good value for F2.8 33mm lens (35mm equiv).apature.


Battery only lasted for about 30 shots, but it was only regular AA and I used flash and lcd screen on most shots.
If you use the CR battery pack and don't use the lcd screen then you should be ok for much more. Also i used the camera with batteries to transfer to my PC.
I am going to buy a mains adapter next to save on batteries.

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