Sony Cyber-shot DSC-L1 review

Started Dec 3, 2004 | User reviews
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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-L1 review
Dec 3, 2004

Outdoor pictures are very good, in my opinion they are about equal to the quality of the P73 pictures. Video is great, equal to any other Sony camera with MPEG VX fine. The thing that killed it for me about this camera is the lack of any manual focus. I use 1m and 3m focus alot with my P100 taking pictures inside of clubs or at parties when there is just not enough light or time to let the camera do the focusing. For a few $ more, I think the P100 is a better choice.


L1. It's not much smaller than the P100,(larger with the stupid tripod bracket on) but has less features and less resolution. As I thought the flash is weak and the camera boosts up the ISO values with indoor shots which result in noisy/grainy pictures.

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