Olympus D-380 (C-120) review

Started Jan 10, 2006 | User reviews
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Olympus D-380 (C-120) review
Jan 10, 2006

This was one of my first Digita Cameras and is still one of my favorites for Real Estate. Although it is a very basic camera, It is by far the easiest and fastest cameras to operate. Slide the cover open and shoot. There is virtually no delay in getting ready to snap a picture. There is no focus issue ( fixed focus camera), no long card check delays ( max card size is 128 MB) Battery life is incredible, the manual states that 1020 pictures can be taken set of 4 AA batteries. I haven't tried to confirm that claim, but I know I go about 7 - 9 months on one set of batteries. I like this camera so much, that I have a back-up 380 brand new in the box. I also own the C-8080, C-750, and the C-60 zoom. All of these cameras have thier strong points and weaknesses. The D- 380 is great for Real Estate because the listing services limit the size of the photos we can upload to 250kb. I can take pictures with this camera and upload them with very little post processing which saves me a lot of time. If you were to tell me that I could only have two cameras for my business, this would be my second choice. The C-60 Z would be my first choice, only because of the higher resolution capability. They both take great pictures in their intended circles.


Battery cover occaisionally opens unexpectantly. No other problems.

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