Fujifilm DS-300 review

Started Jul 15, 2006 | User reviews
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Fujifilm DS-300 review
Jul 15, 2006

This camera (Bought as a collectible model at auction site) is simply superb, apart of my DCS's , this is the best XX century digicam.

Images are crisp detailed and full of color, the lens are excellent body is hard and perfectly manufactured. Can make superb images up to 10x15 Cm (6x9 ") and surely a bit more.

The NP batteries are a bargain point, because as collector i can work it with my Mavica/Konica batts.


Camera don't work ok with memory cards of certain capacity or more (maybe more of 32-40 MB)

Is grumpy about batteries, the Fuji's NP's work fine, but with some Sony ones may lost power if shaked. If stops powering up, is a memorycard issue, formating it and replacing battery solve those problems.

The camera lack TFT screen, this makes config changes akward for the simpler minds.

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