Pentax Optio W10 review

Started Apr 1, 2007 | User reviews
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Don Bedrick
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Pentax Optio W10 review
Apr 1, 2007

This review is about horrible reliability so I picked "construction" to give it the bad score. I loved the W10 at first. Now 8 months and 400 or 500 shots later, it's unusable. The first problem to occur (5 months and 300 or 400 shots) was massive amounts of white circles in any exposure with most of the light being supplied by the flash. This was not due to airborne dust or dirty lense. Now the auto focus won't work at all (all exposures appear the same amount out of focus and we're not talking slightly soft but grossly out of focus). At the same time it suddenly started to take several seconds to "process data" after each shot.
I'll update this when I see what Pentax service will do.

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