Samsung NV7 OPS review

Started May 28, 2007 | User reviews
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Samsung NV7 OPS review
May 28, 2007

I habe been very dissapointed by this camera when <i first took it out of the box. I must say I wasn't expecting much and as I found a good deal and was in love with it's looks, I went for it. Well, after some time I took it out again and took some more shots, played around with its features. I must say my first impressions were wrong. The liitle has an output at 100 and 200 ISO just as good as anything else, with very good detail and color. If you do some post process it is just great. So , taken for what it is, a superbly built machine that make people ask about it and watch it with envy, made for social and casual snapshots, it is a good choice. It certainly looks different than many, it has a wide array of manual control and at lower ISO is just as good as any other. Very fast signal processing and good stabilization mode. Believing that a compact would give you a good output from anything else than 100-200 maybe 400 ISO is a dream.

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