Olympus E-420 review

Started Nov 21, 2009 | User reviews
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Olympus E-420 review
Nov 21, 2009

Very interesting double lens kit : Very good range and image quality for the price.
Good alternative to premium compact and good choice as first SRL.
Very efficient super menu system (not so for the standard menu system).
Live view auto focus much more useful than expected.
Optical viewfinder very correct even if not the best (I like the info on the right side).
Good body shape so lack of stabilization not so missing.


AF assist with flash is not very efficient and unpleasant (better deactivated).
Bracketing option lost in menus (no possible shortcut).

Suggestions :
Even smaller body with stabilization would be great.
On body dedicated AF assist lamp.
Bracketing option at least in super menu (coupled with a x3 shot).
Focus button (focus memory & MF) beside AEL/AFL one.
EXPosure button (opening exposure super menu) instead -/+ button.

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