Canon PowerShot S90 review

Started Jul 16, 2010 | User reviews
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Canon PowerShot S90 review
Jul 16, 2010

Fast, nice low light, auto mode works great, manual mode works even better. Love the Nostalgia & color swap scene modes. Also it allows you to take 3 pics one after another in the timer mode so you won't miss the details. Control rings are awesome! Macro shots are great! This is one of the best point and shoot around.


No HD video, but I love the SD video, takes up less space! I wish it has a in-camera panoramic stitch function like Kodaks. Only thing better is Canon can shrink a DSLR to this size! Some people say the rear control ring is too easy to turn, but I like it, makes it easy to browse pictures.
Grip slippery so I modified with my own cheap $2 super sticky, silicon bumpers. Go to to see.

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