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This camera is the best I've ever owned....

Started May 14, 2011 | User reviews
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Sean Gruber
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This camera is the best I've ever owned....
May 14, 2011

I agree with those who came before me (above)

This camera is the best I've ever owned....and I've owned more than most.

On top of their comments:

1. REMEMBER: this camera throws IS at any lens that it mounts - even the $50 E-Bay A mounts that are sharper than Sh*t...made by Minolta back in the 80's and 90's in Osaka JAPAN.

2. Don't be a bigot. Canon and Nikon are great but....you're not a Canon and Nikon lens freak or you would NOT be reading this!

3. This is a system that you can FULLY buy into for less than $2,000! Just buy used on E-Bay!

4. Most important - the sensor and this camera is currently ranked 11th in *THE WORLD* here: http://www.dxomark.com/index.php/Camera-Sensor/Sensor-rankings



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