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Peter 13
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Re: You were being critical of which photo?
In reply to SDRebel, Apr 27, 2012

SDRebel wrote:

Some didn't like the photo. That's their right. Many were concerned that the photo was slightly blurred. It was. So I posted a second photo to demonstrate that it wasn't the lense or the camera, but the problem was with the operator.

Nobody said anything about the composition, etc. This is a gear forum. The comments were about the IQ. The two photos that you posted have worse IQ than a 7 year old Rebel can do with a good lens. The situations in which they were taken did not require advanced AF. That is all. Which is not to say that the 5D3 does not have a very capable AF - it does.

Anyway, what I am finding as I take photos each day is that the 5DIII AF is, in my hands, amazing.

The photos which you posted, from a technical standpoint, are far from being amazing.

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In reply to Peter 13, Apr 27, 2012

Next time you'll know not to look at any photo I post.

Sorry for causing you so much personal pain.

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Re: Sorry
In reply to SDRebel, Apr 27, 2012

SDRebel wrote:

Next time you'll know not to look at any photo I post.

Sorry for causing you so much personal pain.

Hmm seems a high level of immaturity resides with this photographer

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Re: Unsharp and with a DR problem, too
In reply to j900, Apr 27, 2012

j900 wrote:

There is either motion blur or missed focus on this shot.

Additionally the camera should have exposed for the highlights (the sky) and the shadows should have been recovered.

aka: HDR Tone Mapping post-processing... yes, lots of folks shooting like that approach.

but, you forget, 5DMkIII already has HDR built-in, besides, one has to assume one even want an HDR look to begin with, this is what 'shadow recovery' really is in effect, even though most won't admit it, highlights remain blown even for HDR (if you have 'any' white 'anywhere', it's blown, period.)

With these two flaws (unsharp and blown skies) I would hardly call this photo a keeper.

an HDR 'shadow recovered' pp, does not mean it's a keeper, some folks want to preserve a higher contrast look, such as grey skies looking 'light grey to white'.

ditto for shadows. one often can go too far and end up with NO shadows, which is equally bizarre to look at. so 'shadow recovery' is ultimately a relative 'desired' attribute rather than an absolute one.

so far, doing any pp is already an indication that all dSLR sensors are flawed, because NONE capture lit sceneries as well as our eyes naturally perceive them, that is, zero shadow clipping, and zero highlight clipping all caught within a single shot with NO pp.

by doing massive pp, one is also in effect introducing an artificial ISO 'gain'; this is precisely the limitation of all current dSLR mono-ISO image capture sensors today. I've advocated that newer systems offer us mulit-ISO image capture via multi-ISO control on any DR curve of a dSLR system, and preview it 'live' in realtime, so we can get 'all details' (at a creative level by choice) desired, in a SINGLE shot with zero pp required.

in the meantime, so called 'shadow recovery' and HDR 'tone mapping' of imperfect single shots, or worse, multiple exposures, etc, etc. 'make do' for now until then. and so, ultimately, there isn't a dSLR out there that isn't Natural Full DR flawed.

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Jan from UK
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Re: Unsharp and with a DR problem, too
In reply to Sdaniella, Apr 27, 2012

Excellent post reply sdyue! Well done.. I am so so delighted with MY 5D3! It has given me such a creative supercharged boost!
Jan F

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Re: 5DIII AF - Amazing
In reply to Scott Larson, Apr 28, 2012

Scott Larson wrote:

joger wrote:

that's the problem with the fanboys - just a new lens or a new camera body and out of a sudden mediocre images get hyped.

And once a firmware update to correct a Chinese menu gets released, they act like their camera is doing things that weren't possible with the previous firmware.

that explains why camera companies can bring out gear that is not ready bay any means.

The 5D III is IMHO a facelift 5D II with new problems - if car makes would act that way they would be out of business after a few years - most UK car makers are out of business by now.

Cameras are just a bit behind the rest of the world - at Canon now a bit more behind - having said that I will keep my 5D II and buy no 5D III in hope of some good gear in one or two years - will be hard temptation though not to buy a D800E

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