D800E, moire, and diffraction.

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Truman Prevatt
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Re: D800E, moire, and diffraction.
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Any digital medium will produce aliasing to some extent. From a digital image capture sensor to a digital display monitor. Poorly designed digital resampling will produce aliasing. It is simply the fact of life of the digital domain. Often times I have downloaded and printed all or parts of an image to determine if what is perceived as aliasing artifacts are really a) aliasing artifacts generated by the capture or produced by the display device. Often times such artifacts will disappear in the print - sometimes they are really there in the image.

In reality every non-linear process applied to a digital image, be it sharpening, selective color management, curves, jpeg compression etc. will produce some sort of distortion. The question is when does the level of this distortion rise to the level to be detected or objectionable in the final image?

John Sheehy wrote:

BobYIL wrote:

There is an IQ difference provided by AA filterless sensors, like the digital M-Leicas, Fujifilm X-Pro1, Ricoh GXR, etc. This IQ difference is to be enjoyed in probably 99.9% of the situations and the moire in the rest of the 0.1%..

There are different levels of aliasing, and different levels of perception by individuals. There clearly are people, many people, who don't seem to have a sense of what is realistic and what is artifacted in an image. All they need to see is that there are pixels next to each other with near-100% contrast, and they are happy; it doesn't matter to them that the real-world edge represented by this contrast does not really occur at the pixel boundary, or is at the correct angle.

Personally, I can see aliasing in almost any texture, and it is a nuisance, looking like some of the pixel rows and columns in the image have been ripped out; all the "detail" is snapping to a grid, and doesn't look like anything in the real world.

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