I couldn't leave the forum.........

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Lionheart321 Contributing Member • Posts: 807
I couldn't leave the forum.........

......without updating all who showed an interest in my scratched low-pass filter.

I heard from Nikon yesterday - they WERE scratches, they were NOT tape residue (Joeseph S. Wisnieski and others please note, as you refused to believe me)

Nikon initially advised a new CCD/filter assembly was necessary at £300, even though there is nothing wrong with the actual CCD (they advised the filter was not available separately). I pointed out that the filter can be removed and replaced separately and I was looking at the web instructions explaining how to do it as we spoke.

A very helpful supervisor finally agreed and they will do the repair for £100, saving £200, so not so bad after all.

Moral of the story:

Be exceptionally careful when wet clreaning that you ensure no grit is on the filter

Consider Scotch Magic Tape as this uses a "once only lifting acting", not a dragging motion and is therefore less likely to scratch if grit is present.

Don't allow a company or their "experts" to influence you to have an expensive and unecessary repair - if you know something, make sure they know you know. Don't be afraid speak to someone in authority if you still doubt what they are telling you - it might save you loads of dosh.

This the link to my original thread explaining the problem.

I'm posting on another forum now - very small, very friendly, moderated and managed well (but with a light touch). It's got some good professional photographers on it and friendly banter and social interaction are not only tolerated but actively encouraged. Much better suited to my personality.

I will always welcome an email from anyone on DPR who wants to stay in touch.

That's it - thank you and goodnight


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rocklin Contributing Member • Posts: 772
You lifted my spirits

only to have them dashed again. Glad you've soughted out you camera problem
Linda R

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gmosc Veteran Member • Posts: 5,950
Re: I couldn't leave the forum.........

Congrats on the repair savings!

Guy Moscoso

jagge Veteran Member • Posts: 4,149
whic forum is that ?

please give a link since iam looking for alternatives as well ?

Best wishes


randle Contributing Member • Posts: 552
Fare thee well Lionheart.


You will be missed, but I understand your reasons for leaving. Once upon a time, this forum was buzzing with helpful, insightful and extremely competent people. People like David Chin, Nowhereatoll, Kerry Pierce, tao.design, Uncle Frank and a few others that I am forgetting. We had helpful, insightful, tutorials, breathtaking images being shared, people creating and sharing custom curves, reviewing lenses, explaining different photographic techniques. When the D70 wasn't well understood, when the vast majority of the peope here were film-SLR converts, these luminaries guided most of us in how to cope with the transition to digital.

Today, the forum is filled not with fil SLR converts, but with P&S converts. The questions just aren't the same - at least I'm not finding as many golden nuggets as I did before.

I understand that you feel singled out for decreasing the signal to noise ratio, but IMHO, it dropped before you gor here. You light-hearted banter and kidding around was actually a reason for me to stick around even though I am not a very actve contributor.

There was one golden nugget of wisdom that I read here recently. There are two kinds of people in this world:

1. People who take photographs
2. People who discuss photographs and camera equipment on internet forums.

The time has come for me to choose which one I want to be.

It was honestly a pleasure knowing you.

Best regards,

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D50 Senior Member • Posts: 2,094
Yo Guy

did u get my email



EchoD Regular Member • Posts: 280
Re: Yo Guy

I need that e-mail as well, i'm craving something more upbeat than a tech forum. woops! would that get me the boot too?

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D50 Senior Member • Posts: 2,094
hey kevin...

3. all of the above

i avg 15k pics/yr and 2.5k posts/yr (that's gonna come down tho so I can take more pics :

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banjaxed Regular Member • Posts: 127
Re: Fare thee well Lionheart.

Good points

There seems to be this fallacy for some people that DPReview is some kind of photographic Holy Grail. It isnt, its just another Internet photography forum.

Forums are like cafes, bars & restaurants. If you enjoy whats on offer & like the atmosphere, you go back for more. If you think the atmosphere isnt what it used to be or that the service is lousy, you go somewhere else.

reway Veteran Member • Posts: 6,406
Re: I couldn't leave the forum.........

good to here your not leaving forum, i'm a new
D 50 owner don't post much but do read & it's
good to know some long time Nikon owners
are staying around for use new guy's to learn

(unknown member) Contributing Member • Posts: 766

Thanks for the update - I'm considering one of these new static charged brushes that are becoming more widely available.

Well done for sticking to your guns on the issue.


Jakes Senior Member • Posts: 1,954
Re: I couldn't leave the forum.........

Lionheart321 wrote:

...... >
I'm posting on another forum now - very small, very friendly,
moderated and managed well (but with a light touch). It's got some
good professional photographers on it and friendly banter and
social interaction are not only tolerated but actively encouraged.
Much better suited to my personality.

Why not contribute to both?

cnut Regular Member • Posts: 202
Re: I couldn't leave the forum.........

Hey Lion,

So I finally get to go shopping for my D70s and some glass (tomorrow is the day) and what do I find here but a mass exodus. I'm bummin' to say the least.

I would like to send a big "THANK YOU" to all of you (in particular the "Bad Boys") that have been such a help to me and made me feel comfortable here in this forum. I will miss being able to harass you with my D70 newbie questions, which I am sure I will have a ton.

Hey Mike how about emailing me your new forum home. If you lost my email you can contact me through the Jeber link below.
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dinnatouch Senior Member • Posts: 1,587
Scratched?!? Bummer!

Hi Lionheart, I'm sorry to hear that it was a scratch, I really thought it was just a smear (NOT from tape residue - see http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1034&message=18309587 ) but I'm glad you managed to talk them out of the extra 200 quid. I've never considered the possibility of scratching my sensor (I even used an old duster once), but I think I'll invest in a sensor brush now to take away the bigger particles before I do a wet clean.

Regarding your decision to leave the forum (along with some others), I have to admit to mixed feelings. While I enjoyed your friendly banter, there were times that I felt you would have been better served by instant messaging.

I came here from the Fuji talk forum which had a very good community spirit. People posted pictures just for the sheer pleasure of sharing, as well as indulging in tech talk, but I found the D70 forum to be very impersonal by comparison. People here seemed not to appreciate picture posts unless they had a direct relevance to the D70 (or to certain higher end Nikon lenses), and the forum was so fast moving that a post could be on page two within an hour.

Posters like yourself and DStan did bring back some of that community spirit, but I'm afraid to say that the friendships you formed between yourselves seemed to become a sort of mutual admiration society at times, which in turn led to attacks from those who felt excluded from your circle, which then escalated into self perpetuating slanging matches.

I hope that you and the others will enjoy your new forum and that your friendships continue to grow there. I also hope that some of the spontaneity that you brought to this forum will have rubbed off here, but my fear is that it will again become an impersonal tech forum.

I myself will continue to frequent these forums. I am still very much an amateur, so I am still able to glean a great deal of information related to my hobby, but I have read the manual so I'm also able to offer advice to new owners who have recently upgraded from P&S's. I hope that you too (and the others) will drop by on occasion to offer the benefit of your shared experience.
Fare thee weel Lionheart.
Jim R.
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John Reeves New Member • Posts: 10
Re: Scratched?!? Bummer!

Hi Lionheart,

Thanks for the update on the scratch. Please drop me an e-mail regarding the new forum, I'd like to stay in touch.
John Reeves

jagge Veteran Member • Posts: 4,149
Is it that difficult to give a link ?

jagge wrote:

please give a link since iam looking for alternatives as well ?

Mikhail Bogdanov Veteran Member • Posts: 5,829
Re: Is it that difficult to give a link ?

email Mike (aka Lionphart) - his email is in his profile, i'm sure he'll be glad to get you the link

jagge Veteran Member • Posts: 4,149
actually his mailadress isnt there.

njo text

martinch Veteran Member • Posts: 3,054
Re: actually his mailadress isnt there.

Click on the "send user an e-mail" link ... worked when I used it

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