How to disassemble a DCS Pro 14n?

Started Jul 12, 2004 | Discussions thread
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Armando Peralta
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How to disassemble a DCS Pro 14n?


Does somebody out there have some experience in disassembling a DCS Pro 14n?

I am an avid reader of the rich and knowleadgeable discussions that arise in these forums, that have helped me make many important decisions and from which I have learned a lot. I also know that these forums don´t usually deal with camera repairs or servicing, but if somebody has some experience, tips or advice, I will greatly appreciate it.

My Pro14n is already open (bottom and back covers) and I have removed all the screws that seem to keep the board that holds the IEEE1394 port in place. The Firewire connector is broken and I intend to replace it with a short external cable attached to a stronger, rough use connector (both properly shielded to maintain communications speed and reliability).

However, this board has a connector that slides into another perpendicular board (located inside the hand grip in the right side of the camera), which prevents it from comig out. To remove it, it seems necessary either to loosen this second board, or to remove the plate that provides access to the I/O ports of the camera (left side). But I cannot find the way to do either, and I also don´t want to learn by breaking something, if possible. So, I´m stuck with this and I don´t know whether other pieces have to be removed, some special movement or position of the boards is necessary or if there are some secret words that must be spelled while pulling out with eyes closed.

I will greatly appreciate if somebody has some tips to share on what pieces should be removed or what the order of assembly is. After removing the board, I plan to remove the Firewire connector, pass the new cable through the opening left, and solder the wires directly to the board. Also, fix the cable in place securely, so that a reasonably strong pull will not move the wires inside.

Thanks a lot in advance. I apologize for my english.

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Armando Peralta.

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