ADULT CONTENT: SF Pride + SHOOT from the hip (LONG)

Started Jun 28, 2004 | Discussions thread
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Michael Soo
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ADULT CONTENT: SF Pride + SHOOT from the hip (LONG)
Jun 28, 2004

If you are below 21 years old, please can read through this post but don't click the last link....

So, how do you shoot a bunch of naked people or two men kissing without them beating you up? Shoot from the hip, of course!!!

These are taken from San Francisco Pride Parade earlier today. Please DO NOT judge my composition and technicality from the photos as MOST of them are under extreme lightning conditions and ONLY ONE photo out of all of these went through any post processing. (I'm getting really lazy these days)

In addition to that, quite a few of these photographs were shot from the hip. Good thing I'm a snooker and pool player, I estimate distance, angles and especially AIM very well and some of the shots actually came out better than I EVER thought possible!!!

Well, let's look at the post processed photo first, shall we? This is a shot of what looks like a homeless man, really fantastic facial characteristic. So, I had to post-process this one.

Now for a few other samples that went through no post processing whatsoever, no USM, no levels, nothing. Just normal RAW to JPEG convertion is all. The next photo is the very first set of riders at 10:30am when the parade started. This is just a regular pan shot. Nothing special.

The next image is dedicated for the women in this forum...although I can't guarantee that he is single OR even straight. LOL!!

Old man in Chinatown playing Er-Hu. Gave him a dollar and he was glad to pose for me. No, he wasn't winking. I think he has some problem with his right eye. Nice guy though.

This funny gentleman climbed up a pretty tall postbox and was yelling out at the top of his lungs about the Commander in Chief being very "happy" to send young men to die in Iraq...

A stall selling S&M and leather stuff. I manual focused to blur out the entire image to take this shot. I like it a lot for its abstract feel, don't ask me why.

This woman works for MAC..she isn't wearing anything except...paints, sparkling paints...

The next two photos are the best "photography on the hip" I've did all day. I really like it! Shot it from the hip cuz I was only using my Canon 28-135mm...can't get far enough and didn't want to look obvious that I'm photographing.

ALMOST got a photo of these two gentlemen reflex just ain't fast enough, unfortunately...

This is their dog...

The rest of the images are here. WARNING, nudity!

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