No more B&H for me.

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No more B&H for me.

This is a little bit off topic, but I my order included EOS 10D, so I hope it'll pass.

Three weeks ago I ordered camera equipment for USD 5300 from B&H. They said it would be 3-5 days for delivery (to Norway).

After almost 6 days I asked what was happening, and why it was so delayed. I got an answer that looked like it was written by a computer (very formal) stating that the package had just been shipped and I could expect it in three days and that it had been delayed for security reasons. I replied, and asked why they had told me three to five days when 6 days processing time sounded standard. I got no reply.

I tacked the shipment with ups, but after 3 days it said "Remote delivery", and no update. After 5 days I asked B&H what was happening. No reply. After a week I did the same again. No reply. After ten days I did the same again, no reply. After 11 days (plus 6 for the verification) it arrived. I sent a formal complaint to B&H asking why they wouldn't reply to my mails, I what they wanted to do to still belvie in them, and guess what? You guessed right: No reply!!!!
What kind of business is this.

I have visited their shop in NYC twice. Not a very personal and friendly place, but efficient and a bit curious to a Norwegian. But the kind of service I experienced this time just put me off. Everyone can miss a mail. Everyone can have too much to do, and need time to reply, but 4 consecutive mails without a sign of life? That is no mistake. That is deliberate "We got your money, the stuff is on its way, and we don't give a s* t about you anymore"-attitude.

So my recommendation to anyone not in the US: Do not order from B&H. they will not communicate with you.

I am sorry this mail became too long, but I needed to get it off my shoulders.


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