my 828 is going back home to sony

Started Feb 22, 2004 | Discussions thread
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biff levi
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my 828 is going back home to sony
Feb 22, 2004

well, y'all are going to hate me. i've been lurking in this forum, reading everything i can about that camera, and i know how things work here. there's one official opinion, and anybody who doesn't subscribe to the theory of the sony talk forum is the GREAT SATAN. so i fully expect more hate mail than i have time to read.

why am i posting this? well, you people have a way of forgetting that there's more to this forum than the sony fan club. people like me read forums like this because we're considering to fork out our hard-earned money on something, and we want to see what owners think of a product they have in their own hands. better than any kind of official review. that's what i thought, anyway. ha! i saw all kinds of praise for the 828. not really mixed opinions, though: whenever somebody dissented, the main chearleaders ( y'all know who you are ) said things like this person is a troll with a hidden agenda, they're lieing, or they have a duffer. someone in particular had me convinced that ALL of the poor samples were just people who got defective units, or were too dumb to use the camera properly. man spoke with an aura of authority and had some beautiful images ( well, they're at .3 mp, though ), so i believed it. anyway, the point is that this isn't some troll post. you need to rethink how you guys run this forum ( gestapo ) because it takes most of us a long time to come up with a disposable $1,000, and based on how this thing handles in the real world versus how it handles on .3 mp files in the web, well, let's just say i'm SO happy i tested this thing out before my return window was up.

like i said, i've been reading this forum for months. people are going to ask what i didn't like about the 828 enough to send it back, and try to pick my reasons apart to show themselves i'm an idiot and they're smarter than me. so let's nip that in the bud. the short-comings aren't the point of this post, and they've already been discussed, as long as you take the chearleaders with a grain of salt. i just wasn't smart enough to use that grain of salt, though. i really wanted this to be the be all end all. i had rose-colored glasses that made the cheerleaders' job easier. but i'll put this in here to stop the flood of posts saying i'm an idiot.

i've been using nikon slrs for almost 40 years. with the full gamut of lenses, motor drives, you name it. even a 300 mm f=2 for a while. that thing's a monster. the 828 says it has better autofocus than a digital camera, 8 megapixels when they say 6 is as good as small-format film, the camera has a fast lens with almost a perfect range and converter lenses to fix that. and it's ZEISS. you know, zeiss. only thing better than nikkor glass. i was thinking the 828 could be the last camera i'd ever need, almost as good as 645, fast lens, all that. i was really excited about this, in fact, after all these years, i finally decided to jump into digital with the 828. that's another part of my reason for this post: i really want the advantages of digital, but the n80 body is pretty lousy, and i won't spend $1,500 on an n80, digital or not. should i hold off a few more years? what?

anyway, it might have the letters z e i s s on the barrel, but it's not. the lens says it's f=2 to f=2.4, but again it's not. at best the lens starts to become useable at f=4, and takes more stopping down than that to deliver a decent image. all the ca in the world, more than i've seen from even my cheap sigma zooms. i was really expecting better than my nikkor ED glass, and after comparing prints against my sigma zooms, i'm disappionted. the corners are horribly soft and distorted, like they're smeared. the image has huge amounts of grain, like asa 400 film at 64. and 64 is almost a perfect match for asa 40, according to my light meter. the autofocus isn't anywhere near as quick or sure as i'd expected. that's not such an issue, well it shouldn't be. af has always been a gimmick. but the viewfinder is TERRIBLE and you can't mf the camera.

well, i hope you guys can forgive me for railling on your camera like that. that's really not the reason i finally posted here. i want the other people who are in the boat i just got out of to realize that the 828 is no different from anything else in life. two sides to every coin. not just the one side people are allowed to talk about here. and i really don't know what to do about this digital thing. there are a lot of advantages i want to take advantage of. but the nikon bodies are overpriced for what they are. the d2h looks really nice, rugged body and everything, but it's only 4 mp. does that mean the prints will be half as good as what the 828 gave me? i mean what good is it can take my lenses if the film is lousy? maybe i'll just keep using the slide scanner for a few more years.

well, thanks for listening to me. this has been a huge stress for months trying to make a decision, and even worse for the last week and a half.

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