I'm sick and tired of all you experts with "30 year SLR experience"

Started Jan 30, 2004 | Discussions thread
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I'm sick and tired of all you experts with "30 year SLR experience"
Jan 30, 2004

telling people on this forum that the problems they have with their pictures are caused by them and not by the camera. I am refering to people who claim that their DR doesn't perform the way they expected it on full auto mode. At first it was annoying, but now it makes me angry when I see posts like "Maybe you should switch to a P&S camera", "Maybe the DR isn't for you".

I think there is no doubt about it that the Canon Digital Rebel should outperform any P&S camera when set to Full Auto mode. Yet still some of you "expert photographers" still claim that you know this camera better than Canon.
This is what Canon says about the Auto modes on their website:

"Simply turn the command dial and the camera's settings are automatically optimized for stunning portraits, sweeping landscapes, highly-detailed close-up shots, dynamic sports images and properly exposed night portraits. A handy Flash-off mode is also available, plus Auto for carefree shooting"
And about the "green square mode":

"Shoot carefree: focus, exposure and white balance are intelligently controlled for you."

But who cares? You still have the nerve to post your comments saying that if people want a P&S camera, then the DR is not for them.

I don't know what compels you to make up your weird theories.

The truth is that some people are not happy with what they get when they set their camera to full auto mode. Maybe it's because some Digital Rebels are faulty? That I don't know. But stop defending this camera when people say that it doesn't perform the way it should.

This is a stupid comparison, but maybe this way all of you "experts" will understand. If I buy a Ferrari I expect it to perform at high speeds as well as when I drive 35mph to work. If i get into a Ferrari and drive it 35mph and the engine makes weird noises, doesn't work smoothly etc. than that means that something is wrong with the car. Don't tell me that apparently I don't know how to drive and that this car is made for fast driving and not for 35mph. That's exactly the bull Sh@t that you're telling people about the DR.

I really value this forum and the knowledge that most of you share with others. If you have always been helpfull and thoughtfull to others on this forum, and my post offended you, I apologize.

Have a nice day.

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