does anyone use Capture One???

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Re: Put on the softproof
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Thanks everyone for the suggestions! I restarted the program. Then instead of looking at the pictures from the card reader, I opened the raw files from the CD where I had saved them. I'm thinking that maybe before I was looking at tiff files instead of raw. Like I said, I'm still trying to figure out the program. I think I'm getting confused on the whole workflow process. I've been using capture one to get the files from the compact flash card to a folder on my computer. I think somewhere in that process I was doing something wrong.


Toivonen wrote:
You probably don't have softproof selected, so you cannot see the
Turn it on from above the image. Fourth buttom from the right.
Does this help?

Tomi Toivonen

candi wrote:

This is probably a very dumb question, but I'm a Capture One newbie
looking for help!!!! After finally figuring out that I should be
shooting in raw, I downloaded Capture One. I've only been playing
with it for a couple of days. In trying to learn the program (and
lots of clicking around), I've changed something that I don't know
how to correct. Previously I was able to change the white balance
of the picture by going to the white balance tab, then clicking on
the drop down menu with the white balance settings (auto, daylight,
shade, etc.). Now, however, when I go to the dropdown menu and
click on one of the white balance settings, nothing happens. I
cannot change the white balance. Can anyone tell me what I've
done. I've read the instructions and can't find anything.

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