Does Nikon get it?

Started Sep 14, 2003 | Discussions thread
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Does Nikon get it?
Sep 14, 2003

Preamble: This is not a topic questioning Nikons quality. Rather, it's a topic questioning Nikons vision.

I used to own a Nikon N70. I've been doing digital photography since '96 and decided to sell the N70 and lenses back in 2000.

When the time came to purchase a DSLR, I was not bound by any brand loyalty. The point of this thread is NOT Canon vs Nikon so lets just suffice it to say that I decided on the 10D over the D100 and the reasons are not relevant to this post.

On to the point...

Which demographic is most important to the major DSLR camera manufacturers? I'd say it's the group of people who don't currently own a film SLR, and as such don't own lenses or accessories. It's my opinion that if you own Canon lenses, flashes and accessories already, your choice for a DSLR will be Canon. It is true for Nikon, Olympus etc.

There is a huge new interest in photography with the high quality P&S digicams out there. The people who buy the P&S digicams have a price-point at which they'll think they would benefit from upgrading to a DSLR. It seems Canon has beaten all manufacturers to the punch with the 300D.

If Canon can get a large group of "no brand loyalty" people to buy into the Canon system the benefits to Canon are HUGE. The saying "bodies come and go but lenses are forever" is the key here. Someone with a 300D will likely invest in a few lenses, a flash and other accessories. What this means is Canon has locked in these people as loyal customers to their future bodies.

Does Nikon get it? If they lose this group of newbies, they stand a real chance of never being able to bring them over to their side.

Case-in-point; a co-worker is going to Best Buy to look at the 300D as I write this. Currently he has a Sony V1 and an N90 with two lenses. He’s been holding out for the D100 to come down in price (his price point is $1200). He's now willing to buy the 300D and sell off his Nikon equipment. Once he invests in accessories and lenses with Canon, the chances he'll ever leave are small. You might point out that he is willing to sell off his Nikon investment to buy Canon so he might do the opposite down the road. I'd counter that by stating he bought the N90 and two lenses used. A used N90 and two minor used lenses is not a big investment.

I'm shocked that Nikon is not dropping the D100 price to the $1200 or even $1000 range to counter the 300D. I can't imagine Nikon is willing to throw away all those new customers. The Christmas season is fast approaching and there will be MANY 300D's sold and over the next year those folks will be buying lenses, flashes and accessories.

I don't think Nikon gets it.
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