EM1.2 after FW 2.0 - Oly 8mm Fisheye Pro De-fished comparison

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Re: EM1.2 after FW 2.0 - Oly 8mm Fisheye Pro De-fished comparison

pbbob wrote:

I have searched the web for comparison photos taken with the Oly 8mm f/1.8 Fisheye Pro that can be de-fished in a EM1Mk2 camera updated to Firmware 2.0.

I have found NONE.

I know from reading this forum that there are some (likely dozens) that have this combination. To "justify" my potential purchase of this lens, I would really like to see some photos of what it can do with the compensation ON and the same shot with it OFF. Challenging examples (horizon below, at and above horizontal, etc.) would be even better. Examples where the compensation produces approximations of rectilinear-like results would be awesome.

In addition to the composition advantages of seeing the de-fishing before you shoot, their may be a potential to use this fisheye lens in place of super wide rectilinear lenses such as the Olympic 7-14mm f/2.8 Pro in some situations.

Thanks for your help!

Quick test. Same shot. Image 1 is the raw with no correction. Image 2 is the JPG defished in camera using setting 1 ("wide"). Image 3 is the raw defished in LR using the Sigma 10mm FE profile with an additional +176 distortion correction.

Image 1


Image 2

Defished in camera

Image 3

Defished in LR

If it helps your justification, I've only just bought my copy (used). I've been using the Samyang 7.5mm f3.5 for a few years. My thoughts:

- I've been very pleased with the Samyang. It's one of my sharpest lenses. The Oly is ever so slightly sharper at comparable apertures. I'm very happy with the sharpness.

- The Oly is very sharp even wide open. The corners are a little softer than the centre, but it's still very good. I'd have no concerns shooting wide open if needed. I'm planning on doing some wide-field astro and I'm sure the Oly will be excellent for it.

- The Oly has slightly more purple fringing in high contrast areas at the edge of the frame (e.g. around branches against bright sky). It's fairly easily removed using LR, so it's not a big deal.

- They both deal with flare very well.

- Sunstars have more points on the Oly than the Samyang.

- AF is really nice to have. I know that lenses of this type have a big DOF, but it's still easy to miss focus on the Samyang for things that are close.

- You can do focus-stacking with the Oly. In conjunction with shooting at f1.8 , I'm can see this opening up some interesting close-up opportunities.

- The auto aperture and EXIF is also nice to have.

However, I must say that for a lot less money the Samyang delivers excellent images. It's a hard sell to justify the Oly over the Samyang. I think it only makes sense if you really need the wider aperture or want to do close-ups where the AF will make a big difference.

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