HowTo - NX500 v1.12 and NX1 v1.41 - bitrates and other goodies

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Re: HowTo - NX500 v1.12 and NX1 v1.41 - bitrates and other goodies

MountaineerMan wrote:

vasile wrote:

All you need to know is here.

Took a long time as it started off as a major improvement targeted at previous firmwares, but I finally finished it and since in the meantime Samsung released the new firmware I included support for it as well.

This also prepares the ground for mod inclusion in the hibernation image (but I am not working on hibernation until I get the repaired camera as it is too dangerous).

Enjoy and good night.

I have not tried it and likely wont be able to try it until mid next week(I need my camera and I cant risk it being out of commission or not having 180mps but I cant wait to give it a go!

I did however skim through the source code on github and it looks really clean! (disclaimer: I am NOT a "programmer" but have done a little C/C++ programming back in the day)

This IMO is exactly whats needed at this point A good clean solid base to build from.

Take your time @vasile and make it solid and functional.

"Write programs that do one thing and do it well." - Unix philosophy.

Keep up the good work and I CANwait to see what you come up with next if anything at all.

Thanks, MountaineerMan, I appreciate it very much. BTW I am not a programmer either, and the learning curve is steep - I know it may seem slow coming to some, but it's the best I can do.

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