K-1: Some spherical panos

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K-1: Some spherical panos

Got around to calibrate my Nodal Ninja 3 Mk II for the K-1 in combination with my shaved DA10-17. Took some time to get everything lined up and tested, but I think I've made a fair start so far.

All panos shared here were taken with four shots each - no nadir or zenith shot was made. I took them at ISO 100/f10/13 mm and had to patch a very tiny hole in the sky afterwards (12 mm definitely would've been better - well, one lives and learns ...). The tripod on the ground was replaced with a text disc - I didn't take a separate nadir shot.

The K-1 sits well on the Nodal NInja 3, but you have to tighten everything very securely - the extra 300 grams of the K-1 compared to the K5-II takes its toll. I think it does work, but you may consider a sturdier pano adapter if you plan to do this intensively.

Please note: All panos may take some time to load; there is lots of data, even if PTGui has downsized them to manageable 6 MB.

Now for the pics: It was early evening in my hometown yesterday as I set out to get my first spherical panos with the K-1, so I got some nice evening light.

First I took this one of the local church square, because the church was still lit by the sun. It was nice to see that the shop's windows were already lit up, so the K-1/DA10-17 had to manage lots of dynamic range:


Since PTGui does some downsizing for better viewing experience I'll include the unscaled, full rez version of this pano - 14.964 by 7.482 pixels, around 112 MP, jpg file size 21 MB - for pixel peeping purposes. You may note some purple fringing at some high contrast edges I didn't remove - and at least one artifact in the sky that looks kind of strange (like a stealth fighter or something ..,). Happy hunting for that one; its quite easy to find (also in the spherical version, of course).

Next one was taken a few minutes later; it shows the square in front of an old (now defunct) school. The square is lined with trees - be sure to look up in this one. Here the DA10-17 was quite challenged to cope with the high contrast in the leaves - it's not perfect for this, but I think it performed okay. In this one I left the tripod in for comparison - only its top was patched with a smaller edition of the same text disc I used for the other two:


Last one was taken again a few minutes later in a pedestrian zone - the sun was setting now. Focus was set on a building nearby, so the buildings in the distance are not perfectly sharp. But I kind of liked the transition to slight unsharpness - gives a nice feel to the scene IMO - and decided to include it here anyway:


Hope you like them - even if they all have their flaws. But since now everything is set up and tested doing those four shots needed for a spherical pano is really a breeze - so I may do some better ones in the future.

One last note: if one doesn't include the pesky nadir shot it's also really quick to PP - so maybe I'll just stay with the text disc approach.


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