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kits wrote:

I recently sent as gift payment to seller here and I got toast as that seller was scammer. Lost $825 as Paypal said they can't help me. I sent payment to Roger Campredon here for services and he refunded asking me to send as gift. I assumed since he gave me discount I will accommodate his request as he looked legitimate. Damn, I got scr*^#*

I decided to never pay as gift after learning it the hard way.

mdavidp wrote:

Is it true that if I buy something on this forum via PayPal and send money as a "Gift"

I am Not covered if the seller does not send the item?

That II have to pay for item as " goods and services"?


Mike P

Ouch.  Looks like you and Sneak Irwin dealt with the same person.

DPR needs to do more to help inform and protect those that use the forum for buying and selling. A user rating system, aging of accounts, phone number verification, and help pages would go along ways in verifying those that operate here but also informing people of how scams work and how to avoid them. Places like this just draw scum as people are often too trusting.

Perhaps there should be a "pinned" thread that discusses current scams or attempts on the DPR forums.

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