The Leica Q and landscapes (mini review)

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The Leica Q and landscapes (mini review)

Hi there.

Now that I've owned the Leica Q for 7 months and gotten to know the camera for what it is and isn't I just want to write a small write-up on my findings.

First things first. As an avid amateur (not a pro) I mainly do landscapes, hey I live in Iceland where the ever changing and every amazing landscape just screams for attention. I travel a lot through my job and don't leave my house without my Q by my side, so landscapes have become my main subject, unintentionally possibly. I've owned a lot of different cameras through the years FF, ASP-S, mirrorless from Canon, Nikon, Sony and Fuji, all with different plusses and minuses, which all set the stage for the purchase of the Leica Q last July. I like having a small camera, a travel companion if so to speak, that can take with me hanging on my shoulder wherever I go, so purchasing the Fujifilm X100 in 2012 really turned my attention from the heavy and klunky DSLR as this little beauty set me free in terms of mobility and thereby catching the rare moments that come and go in a matter of seconds when you are travelling around the countryside. The next logical step was the Sony RX1, a camera that I really really loved, but with a rather annoying achilles heel, slow focus speed and too few proportionate keepers in focus. 35mm was not exactly suiting me either for wider landscapes. I sold of my lovely RX1 a year ago and took a leap of faith into Leica-land by purchasing the Leica X Vario, a ASP-C camera with a fixed Vario-Elmar 18-46mm f/3.5-6.4 Lens (28-70mm, 35mm equivalent) which really blew me away in terms of colours, sharpness and contrast. On the other hand the f/3.5-6.4 on a cropped camera ment that shooting my kids in low light back home proved to be close to impossible so the new-camera radar was turned on immediately again (fortunately my beautiful and understanding wife has long decided not to have any opinion on my ever changing camera ventures). That's when the Leica Q jumped to the scene when it was announced last spring fulfilling my wildest dreams of almost all-in-one camera for my needs; FF, 28mm Summilux, f/1.7, OIS, fast focus, high ISO, compact, and extremely a well designed and crafted camera. I ordered the camera immediately and was fortunate enough to have it in my hands just a month later, in July last year.

To make an ever longer story short me and my Q are a match made in heaven. The Q is everything I always wanted in a camera as I don't need a long reach or a wider camera; 28mm is perfect for my needs, and the Q is mobile enough for me to travel around wherever I go with the Q on my shoulder enable me to catch more special moments as I mentioned before.

If you are on the fence regarding the Q and are afraid to fix your perspective to 28mm I can assure you that you will grow accustomed to it within a few days. As the Summilux is extremely sharp (as you can see in a few examples in my links here further down) you can crop your images just as you like. Just keep in mind when shooting people to keep them close to the center as with most wider lenses the Summilux tend to stretch the subjects a little when they are closer to the edges. Buy an extra battery as the Q will drain the battery fast. Those are, along with rather unremarkable jpg's, about the only down sides I have experience with the Q.

Here are some different shots from the seven months I've owned the Q. I shoot almost always in RAW.

For more images you can ceck out my Flickr account:

Also you can check out my Icelandic review where you can see amongst other shots two examples of how sharp the Summilux really is:

Hope that you enjoyed this mini review and feel free to ask questions and throw in comments!

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