This is how you can make your 6s+ shoot better (currently, pano-only) images (jailbreak only, sorry)

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Re: This is how you can make your 6s+ shoot better (currently, pano-only) images

A follow-up (I can't edit the original post any more):

I've added another pair of well-lit panoramas with tons of low-contrast foliage, both well-lit and in shadow - now, as opposed to the previous pair, shot at the same ISO 40 sensitivity. Let's start with the two crops:


Original (non-hacked):

The original, full panos: hacked: ;non-hacked:

Pay special attention to the darker regions of the crop. On the hacked shot, with only a very little (almost invisible!) color noise penalty, the low-contrast details in the shadow areas have far more pronounced details than the in the, because of the heavy-handed noise reduction, smeared original one.

Again, there is very little color noise in the hacked panorama. That's because both shots are shot at the very low ISO 40, there being plenty of light (the brightness value is around 12). While in low light panos (like my two church panos in the previous posts at and ) there were plenty of noise, at low ISO's (bright subjects), there won't be, as is also shown by this example. There, the heavy-handed noise reduction turns out to be absolutely unnecessary.

Note that the previous (Frederik Pacius statue) pano, there was a bit more color noise in the hacked shot. That's because it was shot at ISO 64 (a higher sensitivity), not at ISO 40.

All in all, Apple should have fine-tuned their noise reduction and should have dialed down its strength in low-ISO panoramas like this. Too bad it's only by jailbreaking that you can get significantly better-quality panoramas.

(Note that the two panoramas use visibly different white balance. This has no effect on the results.)

Other, related high-quality panoramas of mine

Should you want to take a look at high-quality panos I've shot of (almost) the same area, check out these:

Hakaniemi beach, to the West from the sauna:

- in daylight:

- just at the end of the Blue Hour, moonlit (VERY nice!):

The Hakaniemi Bus station:

The new panorama has been shot exactly halfway between these two places.

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