Ken Rockwell no longer shoots Nikon?

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Re: Ken Rockwell no longer shoots Nikon?
In reply to John Motts, 3 months ago

I started in photography in 1974, right from the time I arrived in the U.S.A.from Europe and I was a teenager, more or less about the same time as Ken Rockwell, so I guess I am about the same age he is and I am going to say this with all my authority, because I don't want to say I can beat anybody in photography, but up to now, I haven't find anybody who can beat me, so, I try to be at the same level with anybody, just as modesty and manners. Now, Ken day I read one of his reviews,( for the first time), and it sounded like, this article is the best, but , it's not the best. The second article I read, sounded the same. It seems that Ken Rockwell review things and he is way very confused for the photo beginners, very, very confused, He is telling you how great this camera is, but he says the he prefer other one for any other reason. Being a reviewer is extremely difficult, because you are going to review an article that you think is crappy, well, say it right from the beginning. I had read articles from Ken where he said how great this is, and on the next one, he clearly said how crappy it was when compared to the one he is reviewing on that particular review...very funny...for me, it came to the point that sometimes I read those if my mood is not on the right place, so, I laugh and become happy...But I want those owners of the D800, which I own one too, that the D800 is not a truly Pro camera, it's just the second in command, same as the FA in 1984 and same as the F100 in 1999, second ones to the F3HP and the F5,  those which I used extensively in those days, but as much as people try to put the D800 in a Pro level, it will be always after the "D" series. On most Pro bags, if you see a D800, it will be only as a back up, and those Pros, that shoots exclusively with the D800, is just I matter of ...What?...can you afford the best or not??...maybe you can not afford the best, because you earn not enough, but I prefer the very best, even if I get it used in excellent shape plus, ...this is my opinion...sorry, But my D800, which by the way is in Excellent condition plus, I don't even carry this as a back up, sorry again , but I may sell mine soon...and the D800 is just an excellent camera, but I prefer so much my D3 and D3X and even carry my D2X as a back. Anything over 18 or 20 megapixels, I guess is not real, as much as I try with the 36MP of my D800, I can not beat my D3X and not even my D3 in resolution, so, I am convinced that more than 20 MP is just the same as 20, so Canon and Nikon could sell top amateur cameras like my D800 to consumers for 3,000 dollars and Canon and Nikon have the excuse that those have a zillion MPs, over the "D" series and those, which I think is way over priced, same as the "D" series at 6,000 dollars. Even the ones ,D3 and D3X,I own, I paid under two grand and my D800 was a gift, so, the D800 at 3K and the "D" at 6K, are both way overpriced.

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