Nikon D3200 jpeg red to orange colour shift

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RRowlett wrote:

In this image the red channel is grossly overexposed (check out the histogram) which leads to clipping and under-representation of the red channel in the final image. It is well known that digital sensors are more susceptible to overexposure in the red channel--especially if exposure metering is based on overall luminance--and exposure adjustments should be made accordingly.

I would guess that because in this image the dark red envelope takes up so much of the frame, the exposure meter is going to be fooled into bringing the dark scene back to a mid-tone, resulting in the overexposure of the red channel. I also wonder if that when doing the post-capture WB adjustment the red channel was brought further out of balance with the blue and green channels.

I just looked over my garden photo folders--lots of difficult reds, pinks, blues, and purples in there captured by a D100 and D7100--and they look pretty close to spot-on if properly exposed, even with auto-WB. The D100 had some issues with certain magenta flowers which because of their UV reflectance, show up much more blue than reddish in captures. Easily fixed in post, though.


Thanks for the reply.  This histogram does show reds more exposed than other colors, but they aren't close to clipping.  Maybe spot metering would help with this?  Below is the original shot with histogram, and then a tweaked version with some adjustments and exposure dropped by 1.  Looks better, but I still see orange-ish red.  At any rate, I'm pretty happy with how my colors usually turn out. Looking back at some other pictures, I see a few examples of the orange-ish reds, but I also see a lot with red reds.  Guess it's just one of those things.  Anyway, thanks.

As shot

Decreased exposure

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