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How to check OM-D E-M5 shutter count

Started Sep 20, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: How to check OM-D E-M5 shutter count
In reply to slothead, 3 months ago

I'm using the Mark II and I'm not too convinced either (but it could be that I'm pretty new to having a decent digital camera). I was fortunate to come across this thread before I bought the camera, so I kept in mind how many pictures I took for a paranoid reconciliation in case the camera I bought wasn't new.

My R Value is 265 and my B Value is 157.

I know for a fact how many pictures I've taken as while testing the camera I would take, say, 10 pictures and delete them all and make a note of it. I did this process a few times, and I was careful to not delete any on the fly, each time recording how many I took including deleted. I then took the camera on a short trip abroad and took a load of pictures, and have since gone for a couple of country walks with the camera, as always I made a careful note of how many I took including those deleted. I'm very OCD about these things!

The official count is 125 (120 plus 5 I know I haven't written down yet), which doesn't agree with either.

The B Value of 157 is 32 out, possibly pressing the button to wake up the camera, but then that is only half pressing when I've done that so not sure if it would count. If it's counting that then maybe also half pressing to focus, and 32 seems about right from memory.

The R Value is way out. But what exactly counts as a shutter actuation? I read somewhere that activating Live View on the Canon's counts, is this the same for the Olympus? Especially if it's recording an iteration every time you turn camera on without taking a picture and maybe every time it flicks to or from the EVF? For instance, I keep the camera in the Format 140 case I bought and just switch on to review the pictures I've taken, and each time the strap gets picked up by the EVF sensor at least a couple of times, so the count could quickly build up without any pictures being taken if that was the case.

Before I started reading any of this I assumed shutter actuation (R) would be literally every time a picture is taken and that shutter button press (B) would be the same. I also assumed the shutter would be totally electronic when taking videos (and while using the electronic shutter for stills obviously) which would explain why you would have two counts as the shutter wouldn't fire in those cases. On these assumptions this would always make B > R. For both of us this is not the case, although it is as per the original post.

In my case I've not taken any videos yet or used the still photo electronic shutter so using my admittedly inexperienced reasoning should give B = R. The only explanation using the same reasoning could be that I've taken exactly one 40MP picture, which might feasibly increase B by one while increasing R by half a dozen (or however many it takes, is it 8?), again using an assumption the shutter fires each time the sensor shifts which I'm not sure of.

The Camera looked completely brand new out of the box, but even assuming it wasn't it means the person who used it before me pressed the button 32 times yet still managed to take 140 pictures! Doesn't add up.

I'm not overly concerned, the camera is working perfectly, I couldn't be more pleased with it. The only annoyance is when I look at pictures in the case and the strap triggers the sensor, but that's my fault for being lazy and not lifting the camera out of the case!

But still it's puzzling...

EDIT: Incidentally turn on count U is 148 sounds exactly right as generally turn on camera and only take a single photo, so probably turned on without taking a shot more than the number of times I've taken extra shots the same time the camera was turned on, also taking into account turning on to look at pictures and I think the ultrasonic wave cleaner probably activates when you wake out of standby?

The S count of 2 is exactly correct (I've not used the flash, all outdoor so far, bar two test shots in hotel room!).

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