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NFE wrote:

Robert DeCandido, PhD wrote:

Acratech seems to be heavier and knob controlling pan/tilt may not be as large/easy to use...and it costs (list) a heck of a lot more. Anyone used both and can comment if the Acratech is worth the extra $s?

The two supports are intended for very different purposes. The RRS one is for lenses lacking a tripod mount and that stick way out like a lever, to the point where vibration is a concern for image sharpness. It's also useful for long lenses being adapted to small cameras (think of a fast 135mm SLR lens on a Micro Four Thirds camera, for instance) which may not have a strong enough mount to hold a heavy lens without risking deformation or actual damage. The idea is that part of the unit reaches out under the lens and supports it so it doesn't put its full weight on the lens mount. This support is an alternative to mounting the camera directly on a tripod head of some sort with no support for the lens.

In contrast, the Acratech unit is intended for long lenses that do have a tripod mount. The idea is that instead of having a ballhead that can flop in all directions under a heavy lens, just have a support that moves in one dimension so you can more easily control your heavy lens. These are also an alternative to gimbal heads, and may work better under some circumstances or for some users as discussed in this thread.

One support is not a substitute for the other. Neither one will solve the problem that's addressed by the other one.

Just so you know, this is a 4 year old thread you've replied to.

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