IQ Comparison - EM5mII - D810 - EM1 - plus OV3 note

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IQ Comparison - EM5mII - D810 - EM1 - plus OV3 note

I was a bit dissappointed to see that the new version of OV3, which I was hoping could open the EM5ii files cannot. In fact I went from an insufficient memory message (before the update) to a simple "we dont open this file" message. A bit dissappointing as I would have liked to see what they could do with the full raw file (noise, HL recovery etc).

Anyways, Raw Therapee to the rescue, and I was looking at what kind of IQ gains I could have with the HR shot mode. As 90% of my paid photography is product based this tech is perfect.

So i grabbed the EM5ii, EM1 and D810 files from imaging-resource (superb resource) opened the RAW EM5ii files in RT exported a TIFF which I opened in ACR and did the final "close as I could be bothered" tweaks.

Suffice to say, I feel the 40mp claim to be about right. If the D810 is pumping out detailed 36mp files (and it is) I can see as much detail if not a hair more in the EM5ii files. But it is also the lack of moire and artifacts as well. Of course if you subject or camera moves it will, but this is well understood.

So here is the EM5ii vs the EM1:

Without question the new HR mode delivers more detail. But the EM1 is surprisingly good at leaving you with the sense of detail.

You can sense all of the detail in the EM1 file, even if it isnt perfect. I think this is what has impressed so many users.  However we are only talking about an impression of detail.

Here is the full size EM5ii vs the D810. The D810 does seem to be showing most of the detail the EM5ii is, however just not quite as clearly. In fact the red fabric has hit a frequency that is causing artifacts.

Here is the EM5ii looking a little soft, but not necessarily showing less detail. This must be the diffraction element at such high magnifications. However again note the (easy to remove in this case) moire on the lines around the 35 mark.

Reduced to the same size (image height) the EM5ii now looks just as detailed (if not more so) without any artifacts.

Ignore my note above. I clearly fogot to change it. Again at 100% the EM5ii files "feels" soft however at 100% of the 63mp file we are still describing plenty of detail.

Reduced to the same height and again we  see the EM5ii appearing to be more detailed. I also noticed (and have never before) the D810 also showing Moire in the hat, jacket and trousers of the character.

We have all seen this comparison as Imaging resource used it themselves. One interesting note is that I cannot see on the EM5ii file the detail that is causing the moire on the D810 file. The D810 obviously has a very sharp lens and a very good sensor. For the EM5ii to keep up in these studio comparisons has me very happy to start using is for my more demanding product work.

As a final note, as a product photographer this technology and a number of other ones in m43rds makes the system superb for my work.

I hope to see some support for these files in OV3 soon and the plug-in for photoshop/acr as well, some immediate tests for me will be to see shadow pulling / NR and highlight control on these new files... There is certainly the details, I wonder how malleable the files really are.

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