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Re: Don't forget lens flare

hjulenissen wrote:

JimKasson wrote:

At some point as the scene DR goes up and up, lens flare is going to fill the shadow areas with non-image-forming light, and all the sensor DR in the world (or multiple exposures) isn't going to increase the DR of the captured image.

True. But it seems that flare works in slightly unpredictable ways, is different for different lenses (and slight camera movements), and even significant visible flare may or may not kill the possibility of getting reliable lifted shadows in a given part of the image.

Do you or anyone else have data on best/worst/typical case "lens DR"? At what point is increased sensor DR (possibly through exposure stacking) of practically no value?

That last is gong to be scene dependent. In general, there are some useful references.

See this paper:


One salient quote: "Based on simulations, the Canon 20D can record nearly 20 stops of dynamic range using HDR imaging if only a point light source is present. If half of the field of view is covered by an extended source, then only 9 stops of dynamic range can be recorded by the 20D..."

Sounds like it wouldn't be too hard to test if we could agree on a meaningful protocol and a difficult, but not ridiculous test target. There are standards, too:



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