No practical teleconverter option for 30-110?

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Canon TL-H43 on the 30-110mm
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I tested a Canon TL-H43 (designed for Canon HV series camcorders) which has 1.7X magnification. This teleconverter has rear diameter of 43mm, which is better matched to the 40.5mm front diameter of the Nikon 30-110mm lens. The quality is very good with no visible chromatic aberration. The converter is also shorter and lighter than the Oly TCON-17 / TCON-17X, and this is better on the smaller tele-zoom lens of the Nikon 1 series. It is not too "front-heavy" as long as you support the converter. I find that the 30-110mm is quite flimsy when the lens is extened to the maximum telephoto position. The converter is not too big and the attached lens can be held in the hand comfortably.

All metering and autofocussing functions of the original lens works with the converter attached. There is no loss of f-stop (at least according to the camera metering in aperture priority mode). Optical stabilization does not work as well as without the converter, but this is expected.

The TL-H43 is superior to the old TL-43 which suffers from significant chromatic aberration. The new converter seems to have more coating on visual inspection.

The TL-H43 is on sale at Henry's:

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